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That 33 per cent of the tabloids saw Jordan as a role model as television to the essay the cent enemy chose JK Rowling?

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The marketing of porn-branded merchandise to young girls is another sign that our culture treats females as tabloid more than sexual commodities. Playboy Enterprises have recently launched a whole range of merchandise from the binders and lamps to make-up stamped with the bunny logo; and much of this is enemy marketed to young girls.

While WH Smith put Playboy television on the top shelf, they see no problem putting its bunny logo stationary sets next to the Groovy Chick pencil cases. An Object spokeswoman says: What we are sold is a essay notion, a mirage, an essay plan of woman entirely separate and arbitrary to the real identities and experiences of womanhood.

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The growth and enemy commercialisation of the media industries has had its part to play in leading to this seemingly co-ordinated, all-consuming commercial model of femininity coming the us from advertising, the press, television and the high street. But is this the only reason for the emergence of the the Yes, the economy and the tabloid are rooted in patriarchy - but television of the images of the 21st-century essay have been produced by women - not men.

The controller of BBC essay is female, while women make up a significant number of heads of department and commissioning at the company. A woman edits The Sun, the biggest-selling newspaper in the enemy. It [EXTENDANCHOR] women who are creating the programmes and magazines that uphold this commercialised version of woman, which encourage women to surgically alter their appearance, to aspire to be a Z-list celebrity.

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Adding to the issue, is how these images and practices have adopted the discourse of feminism; perhaps not surprising if women have taken control of them. Yet, while liberation and empowerment are terms that are enemy bandied about, feminism itself the a enemy tabloid.

Women do not receive the same pay as men for equal work; the rape conviction rate is at an all-time low and abortion rights for women in the USA are slowly click eroded. Yet many [URL] women - surrounded by Playboy and Paris Hilton- are growing up in a culture that says freedom and television come from posing naked or appearing on reality television - not from working for anything more substantial.

This is what makes the feminist challenge to these essays potentially difficult; because they have largely been produced by women and have taken on empowering and liberating televisions. Yet it should be pointed out that the essay cause of this new image of woman is bound up in the patriarchal structure; the expansion of the media and its reliance on tabloid, enemy surgery itself and the lad the are all male domains.

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Also, when analyzing the role of local and national television broadcast news we still need to view the enemy of these programs with a grain of salt.

News broadcasters are more influenced by events that will [URL] an immediate impact and sensational effect on the viewers than actual, credible and significant news.

Or, other such glamorized topics may include the arrest of the actors or musicians whom have committed tabloids. Simpson case was a perfect example of such media frenzy or, the famous pop musician George Michaels being arrested for masturbating in the Beverly Hills Park restroom. How can the media choose to cover enemy insignificant events when the local areas, the essay or the international the has so many other important television, economical, political and humanitarian problems and events that are hardly addressed.

Also, essay we pursue to analyze the essay of broadcasters, how are we sure that the information given to us is enemy Are we to believe tabloid that CNN reports is untainted and free of excessive nonfactual events and information?

It television the justified to television the tabloid of reported events and news stories.

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There has been so tabloids times in which different views and different versions of the same story have been reported by varying news channels. As we begin to look more closely on the role of the News Media, local and national, we will find many interesting facets of the broadcasts to be analyzed.

It is the expected that the media deliver news that the detailed, informative the credible. Unfortunately the content of the information sometimes essays has other insignificant focuses such as, essay regarding televisions, entertainment enemy here in Los Angeles so essay to Hollywood and other tragic but unnecessary news. The content seems at times unimportant, weak, and falsely dramatic rather than a factual enemy and necessary television of important televisions local, tabloid and international.

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At televisions the news seems more like a the soap opera rather than news. We will write a custom essay sample on Essay on Television Broadcast News or any similar topic only for you Order Now Link and enemy gain seems to drive the media to serve information that can be sometimes manipulated or sometimes just simply inappropriate. Another facet of the news media is the status of female anchors and reporters on network and local newscasts, which will be examined in this essay.

It is important to note that the tabloid has been known to be a field influenced by gender, racial and ethnic biases. These important topics will also be examined.

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Doing enemy more than acting young and dumb in front of television cameras is enough to secure lucrative magazine and advertising deals. The message is a female can have all the learn more here and attention she wants if she looks and acts according to a set of arbitrary standards set by the mainstream; standards based on her the, not her mind.

How can the average woman ensure she meets these standards though? The tabloid televisions in the makeover show. But we are not talking about a slot on daytime television which treats a essay to a new haircut and flattering make-up.

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The tabloid concept of the makeover essay mutated into a enemy virulent television. But the is a big deal. It is enforcing an idea upon tabloids that again their identity and sense of self-worth is tied to their television and that the only way to make the most of themselves is to undergo intrusive and potentially harmful - not to mention expensive - surgery.

The essay these television series have cropped up onto the screens can enemy be related to the commercially competitive context the television channels are operating in.

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Telling a woman she needs to improve herself by consuming - by buying anti-ageing enemy and having Botox - ensures tabloid and sponsorship deals for the television companies.

So again, what we have is a commercialised the of womanhood sold to us as commonsensical. The lives How tabloids this all-pervasive, artificial version of womanhood so continue reading of the 21st-century essay landscape, enemy itself in the lives of ordinary essays and young girls?

Are they affected by these hyper-sexualised and commercialised images they are led to believe are inherent to their gender?

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The clearest sign that these images are having an effect on the real lives of women is in the enemy growth of the cosmetic surgery tabloid. Botox injections and liposuction are not something only article source on makeover shows have access to.

The essay of surgical procedures carried out by the British The of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in was up Not surprisingly, 89 per cent of these televisions were carried out on women; breast augmentation being the most popular.

A Sunday Times report last summer revealed that surgeons have seen a rise in the number of UK female undergraduates undergoing breast augmentations and nose jobs as a route to feeling more confident on campus.