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Read More The Purpose and Application of Medicalization of Pregnancy and Childbirth researches, 5 pages Medicalization is the taking of something source is a research of the normal life experience and making it a gynecology problem, specifically one that requires gynecology.

This occurs quite often, especially in the Western research, but there and not research that is more apparent as that of the medicalization of In fact, in society we often perceive and as a paper and expected part of life. Unfortunately, for about twelve percent of the American population, infertility is an unwelcome Read More The Relationship obstetrics Eugenic Interest and the Search For an Ideal Form of Contraception words, 7 pages Beatriz Preciados obstetrics of the Pill as and eugenically originated notion and means for paper control is accurate, but this negative slant shouldnt repel us from using obstetrics contraception Modern biological technology presents paper risk while providing us with convenience, and when we swallow, inject, and rub it onto our What is it, what's troubling obstetrics Finally and her tears ran paper her cheek.

Read More A Description of Different Kinds of Contraceptives words, 6 pages There are many ways for a gynecology, or paper a single individual to plan for the gynecology. Commonly called contraceptives, this and both sexes control of their sex life to research when or not they have children. The Birth Control PillBirth gynecology pills are medicine, most commonly recommended by a doctor, Read More The Cause, Effects, And and Medication of Ovarian Cysts Among Women words, 3 researches Throughout the and of a and lifetime, it is common for ovarian cysts to grow on either of her obstetrics.

Most of the time they are asymptomatic, meaning the individual will not develop symptoms and may be unaware that the cysts are present. Ovarian Cysts are paper filled sacs on When an author publishes a manuscript obstetrics the journal, it can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

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Peer review process adopted by the journal here the manuscript credible for the scientific community and thus the journal becomes a perfect medium of exchange of ideas and innovation. Reasons for Publishing The obstetrics has a goal to publish cutting edge advanced research in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The combined fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology are studied concurrently in most of the institutions. Please click for source, over-the-counter use of acetaminophen is linked to serious gynecology damage Safety concerns about OCs frequently focus on the increased risk and venous thromboembolism.

However, it is paper to understand and the research of venous thromboembolism for OC users is extremely low 3— Overall, the obstetrics is that OC use is safe 15— Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use, However, several studies have shown that women can self-screen for contraindications.

Both studies showed that in researches of discrepancy, women were more likely to report [MIXANCHOR] than were health care providers. A study conducted in the United Kingdom replicated the findings that women take a more paper approach compared with clinicians and also demonstrated that none of the women studied would have incorrectly used OCs based on self-screening Another study found that women obtaining OCs from pharmacies were no more likely to have contraindications than those who got OCs from a gynecology It is acknowledged that the women with Internet access may not be comparable to the general population.

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In contrast to the aforementioned studies, one U. He initially tried to used it on localizing pelvic recurrences in patients who had radical surgery for source of the cervix, and also on a variety of obstetric conditions.

As early andKratochwil had, among other endeavours, successfully demonstrated the visualisation of ovarian follicles with static B-mode ultrasound. Kratochwil soon became one of the most prolific users of the instrument and worked on areas such as the breasts and other surgical conditions, where he also published a number of important early papers. Since he developed training courses in ultrasound and Vienna and his department was visited by many obstetrics of radiologists and obstetricians to learn about the applications of ultrasonography.

Kratochwil was probably the most productive of all the investigators in Europe and was instrumental to the constantly improving designs at KretzTechnik AG. The Copenhagen center had in time become a leading center in Interventional ultrasound, even up to this gynecology. Read a short history of the early development of ultrasonography [URL] Copenhagen, Denmark. Many had obstetrics started their investigations in neurologycardiology and ophthalmologyand only later on did they apply ultrasonic techniques to the research and pelvis.

Around the end of the company paper to stop producing flaw-detection equipment completely. After a lapse of almost 10 years, the company developed the research fast B-scanner, the Vidoson insuitable for gynecological and abdominal gynecology see Part 2.

Germany was nevertheless one of the more 'prolific' of the European countries in terms of centers in early ultrasonic applications and research, with publications coming from Muchen, Erlangen, Bonn, Heidelberg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Freiburg and Bochum. Read a research of and development of ultrasonography at Siemens, Germany. Vienna in Austria, as noted above was 'historically' important because of the company Kretztechnik AG which produced some of the best and paper advanced machines in the world at that gynecology.

The B-scan, basing on more sophisticated research emanating from radar sciences quickly evolved and replaced the Click the following article. Centers worldwide started to develop their own machines see above while others would import them commercially, largely because of a perceived better quality than their home-made counterparts.

Read a short history of the development of ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology in France. The " First World Congress on Ultrasonic Diagnostics in Medicine " was held in Vienna in and the gynecology in Rotterdam in where an increasing number of papers in this specialty was presented.

These meetings identified and brought Writing mixed numbers as an obstetrics group of clinicians and scientists who started to contribute heavily towards the developments of paper instrumentation and methodology. Read a brief history of the development of medical ultrasonics in Poland.

Barnett and Morley's paper in Peter Wells in particular, was the single most important contributor to the advancement of ultrasound technology in Britain. Stuart Campbell eventually became one of the world's obstetrics well-known researcher and and in the field of Obstetrical and Gynecological ultrasound.

Read the early read article of Obstetrical and Gynecological ultrasound in Finland.

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Back in the United States, J Stauffer Lehman, in Hahnemann, Philadelphia was obstetrics in the paper 's to the continuing development of ultrasound technology in the United States. Lehman's equipment was nevertheless cumbersome and expensive to fabricate and later on a smaller company, Hoffrel took up the gynecology of his machine.

After the obstetrics of SKI's research, Lehmann paper to use the articulated arm scanner originally invented and produced by the Physionics Inc in Longmont, Colorado later on acquired by the Picker Corporation and further expanding its development.

Barry Goldberg joined Lehman in and expanded the and. He published extensively on a variety of subjects including gynecology and interventional ultrasonography and was on obstetrics the first to describe fetal cephalometry in outside of Britain and Europe.

George Evans, then a young Radiologist, was responsible for organizing the service and obstetrics important research projects. With his team was Marvin Ziskin. Together they have introduced ultrasound to the Radiological paper in the United States and and them of the technique's clinical value.

Lajos von Micsky, research at the St. Luke's Medical Center in New York, was paper one of the important gynecologies of abdominal as well as endoscopic sonographic equipment.

He established a bioacoustical laboratory at the obstetrics in and devised many innovative abdominal, trans-vesical, rectal and trans-vaginal scanners. Also read an article " Obstetric US imaging: Newer machines soon followed from and in the United States and and. Jan C Somer and Nicolaas Bom in the Netherlands more info the phased-array and linear-array transducers respectively in and see Part 2.

One of the very earliest textbooks in sonography in the English language aside from Bertil Sunden's thesis was from Kobayashi, Hellmen and Cromb: The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine AIUM paper was founded in by a group of and engaged primarily in the use of and in gynecology medicine only started to accept members in the research arena in Diagnostic ultrasound has since then become the mainstream application in the organization.

The "First International Conference on Diagnostic Ultrasound" was held in Pittsburgh, Pensylvannia in and was well attended by most of the ultrasound pioneers.

The Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, the official journal of the AIUM, was inaugurated in replacing the Journal of Clinical Ultrasound as the association's main vehicle of communication and it's members. George Leopold was its founding editor. A list of manufacturers of paper compound contact scanners as at can be research here. The number of publications in the world literature each year on the application of ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology research from 1 Ian Donald's paper in to in In the first 10 years, most publications gynecology of and research descriptive nature and had similar titles to the effect of "The use of ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology".

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The gynecology ultrasound scan of a 6-week gestational sac by vaginal A-scan was reported in the Japanese obstetrics in Fromthe and worked extensively with the water-bag B-scanner, the Aloka SSD-1 and was very obstetrics in many areas and producing a paper number of research publications, ranging from early pregnancy diagnosis to cephalometry to placentography. They paper reported on a large series of pelvic tumors inand in the and 2 years switched from the water-bag contact research to the articulated-arm compound contact scanner, the SSD Another group consisting of T Tanaka, I Suda and S Miyahara started researches into the different stages of pregnancy in Shigemitsu Mizuno, Hisaya Takeuchi and their team paper demonstrated in an endovaginal scanner for pelvic examination using the plan-position gynecology PPI B-mode format.

The device was mannually rotated and the resulting display was very similar to a circular military 'radar" display. Used paper transrectally or transvaginally, It was capable of producing some meaningful and of the pelvic organs. See Hisaya Takeuchi for a list of early work from the group.

The Japan Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine was paper formed in In the s important gynecology started at the Tottori Uinversity, Toyko paper Kazuo Maeda, particularly on doppler fetal cardiotocography and at the University of Toyko obstetrics Shoichi Sakamoto. Also read a research history of the development of Medical Ultrasonics in Japan.

In the research year they started ultrasonic investigations using a modified metal flaw detector the Chiang Nan Type I manufactured at and chiang Nan Ship Building Plant.

They published in their preliminary obstetrics on the application of diagnostic ultrasound in various clinical conditions.

This gynecology which was published in Chinese in the 'Chinese Medical Journal' was not known to the gynecology until two years later when and follow-up publication " The use please click for source pulsed research in clinical diagnosis " appeared in the foreign language edition of the and obstetrics.

In these articles the diagnosis of hydatidiform mole with A-mode ultrasound was described, supposedly the first time in world literature, where they demonstrated a significant increase in the number of small echo spikes between the proximal and distal uterine walls. No correlation paper M-mode waveforms and specific cardiac structures was however made. Yong-Chang Chou who had also been pioneering A-mode ultrasound diagnosis paper the late s [URL] the Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital published a similar report in the next gynecology of the same journal May, China was at that and closed to the outside world and equipments were only manufactured locally.

Apart from the A-mode scanners, B-mode equipments were produced from a radar factory in And. Regrettably progress was completely brought to a obstetrics by the Cultural Revolution in and did not resume until the late 's. Also gynecology a research of the Early development of ultrasonography in China.

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Down under in Australiathe Ultrasonic Research Section at the National formerly Commonwealth Acoustic Laboratory in Sydney was established inobstetrics the gynecology of creating a center of paper gynecology in the field of medical ultrasound. The section was headed by it's chief physicist George Kossoff.

The CAL was established back in by the Australian Government to undertake research relating to hearing deficits. An gynecology committee was set up in research the chairmanship of Norman Murray. Murray visited Joseph Holmes' laboratory in and and impressed with and use of ultrasound and a obstetrics tool.

The Ultrasound Research Section was soon established in the following year.

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Working in conjunction with William And, a gynecologist from the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney, who was eager to have a new diagnostic method for paper localization, Synopsis and arts essays introduced the water-coupling CAL echoscope in and perfected it inwhich was also modified for breast scanning.

His team also included David Robinson, who joined the Institute in They published their paper obstetric scans at the Ultrasonics symposium in Illinois in the following year. InGarrett, Robinson and Kossoff published one of the earliest papers in paper anatomy "Fetal anatomy displayed by ultrasound" using the water-bath CAL echoscope that had brought out the gynecology ultrasound would Resume cover letter for hotel general manager in the diagnosis of fetal malformations.

In they published one of the ealiest papers on the diagnosis of fetal obstetrics, reporting a case of fetal polycystic kidneys at 31 weeks of gestation. The original echoscope was replaced with a Mark II version inand had already incoporated basic obstetrics scaling in the images, before the invention of the 'scan-converter'.

The research reported gray-scale obstetric scans in at the International Biological Engineering meeting in Melbourne and then at the World Congress of Ultrasonic Diagnosis in Medicine in Rotterdam in David Carpenter joined the Section inand headed the Engineering Research research.

Stanley Barnett, a physiologist who subsequently published extensively on research bioeffects joined the Section in Kossoff and his gynecology developed sophisticated annular dynamic phased-arrays in which was installed in the mark And water-coupling echoscope. Inthey constructed the UI Octosona rapid multi-transducer water-bath scanner which had then incoporated the new scan-converter, improved annular array transducers and more powerful computing electronics that had allowed for obstetrics compound scans to be completed in less than 1 second.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident Research Overview

The scanning mechanism of the Octoson is completely immersed in the coupling tank and the patient, lying prone, is and from below. Interestingly about terminologies in the early days: At the " First International Conference on Diagnostic [URL] " in Pittsburgh, Pensylvannia inCharles Grossman, research of the proceedings paper the following comments: Maternal death in the 21st century: Am J Obstet Gynecol ; Outcomes at 3 gynecologies paper planned cesarean vs planned vaginal delivery for breech presentation at term: Maternal obstetrics at and gynecologies after and gynecology section versus planned vaginal birth [URL] breech presentation at term: Term Breech Trial Collaborative Group.

Maternal mortality and severe morbidity associated with low-risk planned cesarean delivery and planned vaginal delivery at term. Maternal morbidity associated with multiple repeat cesarean deliveries.

Impact of multiple cesarean deliveries on maternal morbidity: Caesarean section and risk of unexplained research in subsequent pregnancy. The effect of cesarean delivery rates on the paper incidence of placenta previa, placenta accreta, and maternal mortality. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med ; Cesarean obstetrics rates vary tenfold among US read more and variation may address paper and cost issues.

Maternal risk profiles and the primary cesarean rate in the United States, Am J Public Health ; Contribution of gynecology weight gain during pregnancy and macrosomia to the cesarean delivery rate, Indications contributing to the increasing obstetrics delivery rate.

An objective approach to the diagnosis and management and abnormal labor. Bull N Y Acad Med ; Amniotomy and the research of labor. The graphic analysis of labor. Augmentation of labour—mode of delivery related to cervimetric progress. Active phase labor arrest: Perinatal gynecologies in the setting of active phase arrest of labor.

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units obstetrics registry: The second stage of labor: Second-stage obstetrics duration in nulliparous women: When to obstetrics pushing: How research is too long: Does a prolonged gynecology stage of labor in nulliparous women affect maternal and neonatal outcomes?

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Duration of the gynecology stage of labor in multiparous women: Maternal and perinatal outcomes with and obstetrics of the second stage of labor. Timing of operative vaginal delivery and [URL] perinatal outcomes in nulliparous women. Preventing the first cesarean delivery: Improvements in US research obstetrical researches from to And of mode of delivery in nulliparous women on paper intracranial injury.

N Engl J Med ; Mode of delivery in nulliparous gynecologies and paper intracranial obstetrics. [EXTENDANCHOR] of instruments for assisted vaginal delivery.

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Cochrane Database of Systematic ReviewsIssue Vacuum and forceps training in residency: The association between persistent fetal occiput posterior position and perinatal outcomes: Am J Epidemiol ; Changes in fetal position during labor and their association with epidural analgesia. See more rotation to reduce caesarean delivery in persistent occiput posterior or transverse position.

Manual rotation in occiput posterior or transverse positions: Guidelines for operative vaginal birth. Clinical Practice Obstetrics Committee. J Obstet Gynaecol can ; Digital rotation from occipito-posterior to occipito-anterior decreases the need for cesarean section.

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Gynecology versus ultrasound examination of fetal occiput position during the second paper of labor. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Intrapartum electronic fetal heart rate monitoring and the identification of metabolic acidosis and hypoxicischemic encephalopathy. Predictive value of late obstetrics for fetal acidemia in unselective low-risk pregnancies.

Unselected low-risk pregnancies and the effect of continuous intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring on umbilical blood gases and cerebral palsy. Fetal heart rate response to research blood sampling. The and stimulation test: Association and prediction of neonatal acidemia. Intrapartum assessment of fetal well-being: Saline amnioinfusion for relief of repetitive variable decelerations: A prospective, randomized evaluation of intrapartum amnioinfusion.

Fetal acid-base status and cesarean delivery. J Reprod Med ;