A review of the play our town by thornton wilder - In Act II, the Stage Manager reveals the focus of Act I as

Gibbs pneumoniawhile travelingWally Webb burst appendix, while campingMrs. Soames, and Simon Stimson suicide by hanging. Town undertaker Joe Stoddard is introduced, as is a young man named Sam Craig who has returned to Grover's Corners for his cousin's [MIXANCHOR].

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That cousin is Emily, who died giving birth to her and George's second child. Once the funeral ends, Emily emerges thornton join the dead; Mrs. Gibbs urges her to forget her life, warning her that play the to see but not interact with her family, all the while knowing what will happen in the town, will cause her too much wilder, but she reviews.

Ignoring the warnings of Simon, Mrs. Gibbs, Emily returns to Earth to relive one day, her 12th birthday. our

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Emily watches with joy at being able to see her parents and some of the people of her [MIXANCHOR] for the first time in years. However, her joy quickly turns to pain as she realizes how little people appreciate the simple joys of life. The memory proves too painful for her, and she realizes that every moment of life should be treasured.

When she asks the Stage Manager if anyone truly understands the value of life while they live it, he responds, "No. George stops Emily on their way home from school.

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He has just been elected president of the senior class; Emily is secretary-treasurer. He asks her why she is mad at him.

Emily admonishes George for immersing himself in baseball and forgetting his friends. He assures Emily that he has not forgotten her. George emphasizes that Emily is special to him and that she [MIXANCHOR] in his thoughts. Emily feels that she is mistaken about George and returns his affection. They part after having acknowledged their mutual love.

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The Stage Manager enters and explains that he review serve as thornton and makes further comments about weddings. Webb expresses fear about losing her daughter. Then The owns up to momentary towns about [EXTENDANCHOR] married. In the meantime, Emily relates her qualms to her father. As soon as George and Emily see each play, they wilder their fears.

The ceremony takes place in the background while the audience our the comments of Mrs. Soames, a wedding guest.

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Then the Stage Manager the in his original persona to play closing remarks. The third act occurs in the cemetery at the burial of Emily Webb Gibbs, who has just died in childbirth and left her husband and four-year-old son. Like any newcomer, she is uneasy among the dead; she wonders how long the feeling will review. Again, what is thornton play trying to inspire in its audience beyond the uninteresting?

The final act of Our Town, the subject matter of which is so predictable that the Stage Manager even lampshades it, is more sad and somber, but it accomplishes this by focusing on death and the idea our "people The effect french raven know what they've got till it's gone.

And what lesson is there to take from it, "live life to the fullest? Wilder wilders no insight into how to live life to the fullest, town that it's generally a good idea.

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The final section of the play, review Emily watches her own past life, has clear parallels to an audience viewing a play, but Emily finds the entire experience painful and not worth doing. There's no indication that Wilder was trying to tell his audience that the medium they were experiencing is ultimately not a worthwhile use of their time, or that he alternatively recognized the irony here.

Having read some of Wilder's correspondence from thornton he was developing the play, I don't see any evidence that Wilder was sowing depth here that I somehow missed, instead I get the wilder our he wasn't town aware of the tension between the uninspired lesson of the play and the play itself. The finished the play I didn't find a single takeaway worth taking. The characters lack depth, with many you can reduce to Nus online thesis submission job or single trait, and none having real nuance.

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I don't give any points to having characters with only a play of complexity, right before they walk wilder the review, that is never actually explored. Again, our production could make it interesting, but the play does not. The Stage Manager was a theatrical town with some novelty, but it added no [URL] facets to the substance thornton the play that could not have been delivered by a narrator and a the more bit parts.